Photo Album

  1. Sorry, the following pics are not in chronological order!

  2. Yeovil: The Early Years
  3. My brother Stephen

    The only pic of me as a skinhead in my cherry-red DM's! - circa 1967
  4. Addy and Geoff - 1969
  5. Me (suede-head) - 1969

    Geoff (suede-head) - 1969

    Terry and me - 1971

    Terry - 1971

  6. Sister: Nick

    Brother's wedding - Stephen (bruv), Nichola (sis), me

    Lorraine - Salisbury Art College

    Lorraine - Nine Springs, Yeovil

  7. Blackbrook Inn, Taunton - well, almost!
    Viv, Jon, Sarah, PV, me, Jan, Annie, Derm (just) and Tim
  8. Blackbrook Inn, Taunton
  9. Blackbrook Inn, Taunton
  10. Back: Jan, me and Tim. Middle: Derm, Annie, Sarah, Chalkie, Jo, Cynth and Specky   Front: Norm, Viv, Jon and Paul

  11. SCA Football Team - Note the matching kit!
  12. Nick, Chalkie, Boss, Pete, Greg, Steve, Nick, Mike, Dan, Viv, Paul, Kitt, Stuart and Derm

  13. Nick, Specky (RIP) and Derm (RIP)

  14. Duffs, Nick and Paul

  15. Paul and Duffs - The Westgate

  16. Viv, Duffs and Paul - The Westgate

  17. Duffs and Viv - The Westgate

  18. Me and Mike - Christmas, Maxwell Street, Taunton

  19. My 20th Birthday Card - Mike, Viv, me and Norm - drawn by Clive

  20. Viv with 'Keith Bateman's' baby - 1974

  21. Jan - Taunton, 1974

  22. Jan - Taunton, 1974

  23. Me, Bottle of 'Natch', Chalkie and Frank Ifield! - Christmas, Maxwell Street

  24. Duffs - Graphics Studio

    PV - Graphics Studio

    Mike (RIP) - Illustration Studio

    Norm - Graphics Studio

    Jon - Graphics Studio
  25. Jan and me - Perranporth, Cornwall

    Sarah and PV - Perranporth, Cornwall

    Jan - Perranporth, Cornwall

    Me and Jan

    Me on my Lambretta!

     Dave on Stuart's (I think) Harley

    Stuart being Stuart!

    Jan and Sarah - Perranporth, Cornwall
  26. The party that never was! - Carmarthen
    Cynth, Derm, Babs (front), Tim, Jon, Viv, me, Posie, Steve, ?
  27. Educational visit to Clark's Shoe Factory - the fun we had!
    Dave Farrant, John, Claire, Phil Pham, Chalkie, me, Rob, Rose, Mad Bomber's mate
    Jon, Viv, Christine and Clark's MD

    College leaving pressie from Jon - 1975!

    Viv - Graphics Studio

    Me - Graphics Studio

    Duffs - Graphics Studio

    Viv - Graphics Studio

    Christine - Graphics Studio

    Viv - Graphics Studio

    Derm - Illustration Studio

    Duffs and Me - Graphics Studio

    Cheeky, Chalky, Cherry, Chumpy White - Graphics Studio

    Frank and Derm - Graphics Studio

    Jon - Graphics Studio

    Duffs - Graphics Studio

    Steve Lach - Illustration Studio

    Nick (Keith Bateman) - Graphics Studio

    Nothing changes! - Graphics Studio

    Me (pimply youth) - Graphics Studio

    Mike - Illustration Studio

    Photographic Trip! - Kilve beach, Somerset

    Viv - Graphics Studio

    Alan Tilyer - PV's mate visiting Graphics Studio

  28. Jon's 21st. Back: Nigel, Paul-Mac, Chris, Norm, Tony 'Fat-Bum' Peach, Duffs, me
    Middle: Tim, Jon, Rob, Paul. Front: Viv and Steve
  29. Mike and me - Amsterdam, 1973
  30. My 20th - Chalkie, Rob, Steve, Derm and Clive
    Paul, Steve (Brother ), me and Jon, 1974
  31. My 20th - Rob, Jon, Duffs and Tim, 1974

    Paul - Pre-"Strictly"!
  32. Viv. me and Paul - Christmas, 1972

    Dave and Stuart

    Kitt - 1973

    Aust Services, M4 - Derm, Cynth (hidden), Posie, Steve, me and Viv
  33. Diploma Day, 1975 - Marcus (MTC), Paul, Ted, Mike, Clive, Janner, Norm, me
    Nick, Viv, Derm, Jon and Duffs

    Jon - Bristol Zoo Photographic Trip, 1974

    Jon, Duffs, Viv and Joe Thomason (Photography Tutor) - Bristol Zoo, 1974

    Me - Bristol Zoo Photographic Trip, 1974
  34. Me, Pascal (landlady's pen-friend) and Mike - Paris, 1973

    Me, Pascal - Paris, 1973

    Pascal and Stefan - Paris, 1973

    Viv playing footie
  35. Paul - 1972

    Norm, Julie and MTC!
  36. A bunch o' the boys - Stogursey photographic trip!
    Viv, me, Duffs, Norm, Paul, Nick and Jon
  37. Jan

    Trevor Brown - Fine Art Tutor

    Mike Heslop - Illustration Tutor

    John Chard, Head of Photography - 1974

    Dave bumps into John Chard in Croatia! Pic supplied by Dave, 2011
  38. Norman 'Boss' Simmons - Bless 'im!

    Life after college!

    Jon and me (Streaky Geno, Midge Hooper Show) - First job interview, London, 1976 - didn't get it!

    Viv, Jon, Al and Duffs - Henleaze, 1977

    Sex Party! - Kensal Rise, London, 1978

    Suzie - Sex Party! Kensal Rise, London, 1978

    Dave and Carol (in very safe hands!) - Sex Party, Kensal Rise - London, 1978

    Dave-Mitch, Annette, Nick, Tessa and Alan (Specky) - Sex Party, Kensal Rise, London, 1978

    James, Simon, Sandie, Johan, Jude and Barbie - Sex Party, Kensal Rise, London, 1978

    Me - Henleaze, 1977

    Viv and I enjoying a cuppa - Henleaze, 1977

    Viv - Henleaze, 1977

    Jon and Viv - Henleaze, 1977

    Lina - Port-Eynon, Gower

    Viv and John - Port-Eynon, Gower

    Debbie, Alison and Lina - Peak District
  39. A night out with Derm in Atherston - PRE-POP
    Viv, Derm, Jon, me and Tim
  40. A night out with Derm in Atherston - POST-POP!
    Me, Derm, Jon, Viv and Tim

    Viv, Derm and Jon - Atherston
  41. Tim and Karen - Stackpool Road, Southville, 1984

    Viv - Henleaze, 1977

    Jim ('Tigger'), Gill and Pete ('Glider')

    Gill and me - we all liked a fag then!

    Mike's party - Another great card by Clive

    Johan - Bristol Balloon Fiesta

    Ian (Groom), Trevor and Sheds

    Viv, Dave, Ian and Jill - West Mall, Clifton

    Lina, Viv, me and Sarah

    Tim - Streaking! 1980

    Liz, Hanbury Road, Clifton - 1978

    Ian, Jill, Pete, Tim, Sarah, me, Dave and Rog - Devonshire Road

    Sarah - La Presqu'ile de Giens, South of France

    My fab 25th birthday card drawn by Clive - 1979

    Speaks for itself - One of Jon's

    Speaks for itself - Another one of Jon's
  42. Trainspotters: Smith, Tim and Rob, 1979
  43. Trainspotters: Smith, 1979
  44. Trainspotters: Rob, 1979
  45. Trainspotters: Tim, 1979
  46. Trainspotters: Jon, 1979
  47. Trainspotters: Jon, 1979
  48. Trainspotters: Barry, 1979
  49. The Fans reunion: Smith, Weston, 2010
  50. The Fans reunion: Barry and Tony, Weston, 2010
  51. The Fans reunion: Smith and Rob, 2010
  52. The Fans reunion: Barry, Tony, Smith and Rob, 2010

    Karen, me and Duffs - New Year's Eve party, Alma Vale Tavern

     Vanessa, Rick, Lennie, Lyn and Barbara - Johan and Sal's Wedding

    Trainspotters with Jon and Wilf, featuring Johan (Groom)

    Lina, me and Sarah - Longwell Green

    New Year's Eve greetings to Jon, Viv and Duffs living in Dubai

    Duffs and Dave!

    Me, Brian and Jaine - Somalia Appeal Party, Ardagh Tennis Club

    Johan (back from his trip around the world) and me - Dave and Sarah's gaff

    Chas, Chris, Johan and Charles - Somalia Appeal Party, Ardagh Tennis Club

    Julie and Ian's wedding - Whiteladies Road

    Barbara and Rog - Devonshire Road

    Mandy, Derm, Barbara, Jon, Henry and Paul - Wells

    Jan and John - Wells
  53. Thomas and Bea - Longwell Green

    Tim, Smith and Ray - Restaurant in Long Ashton
  54. Sarah and Dave - Devonshire Road

    Shakes- Check-out the background!

    Tim - Devonshire Road

    Me and Tim - Devonshire Road

    Tim - Devonshire Road

    Jaine - West Mall, Clifton
  55. Jaine, Jon and Pete - Duffs' Gaff, Alma Vale Road

     Sal and Johan - Devonshire Road
  56. Jim and Lyn
  57. Angela, Pete, Barbara and Rog - Devonshire Road
  58. Sarah and Tim - Devonshire Road
  59. Tim and Karen - Koh Samui, Gulf of Siam, Thailand, 1991

    Lina, Tim and Karen - Bangkok, 1991
  60. Tim, Pete, Sarah, me and Mike - Devonshire Road Party Invitation

    Baseball at Sandbay
    Dave, Viv,. Duncan, ? Tracy, Duffs, Smith, Tim, Mike
    Steve, ?, Johan, Jon, Marj, Lina, Pip and Bea
  61. Baseball - Sarah and Lina

    Baseball - Bea, Dave, Smith, Viv and Mike

    Baseball - Mike, Dave, Jon, Tim and Viv

    Baseball - Tracy and Johan

    Baseball at Sandbay

    Me - Carter-Jeanes Design, Whiteladies Road

    Me, Mandi, Tim and Karen - Johan and Lyn's gaff, New Year's Eve

    Rog and Barbara - Dave and Sarah's gaff

    Clive's christmas card

    Tim, me, Zishan, Karen, Sarah, Zoé
    Jason, Lina, Robbie and Duffs - Cairns Road

    Marj carrying-out 'Wendy House' forfeit at the Brown's
  62. Me, Jon and Duffs - Clifton Fayre, 1978
  63. Me, Duffs and Jon - Clifton Fayre, 1978
  64. Rog, Karen and Tim - The Highbury Vaults

    Kath and Steph - Half-way up the Eiffel Tower
  65. Sarah, Mary, Dave and Tim - 'Brownshouse Revisited', Charlton Road
  66. Chalky, ? and Johan - 'Brownshouse Revisited'
  67. Stuart and Roz - 'Brownshouse Revisited'

    Viv - 'Brownshouse Revisited'

    Dave and me - 'Brownshouse Revisited'
  68. Clive, Lina and Julie - Newlyn, Cornwall

    Clive and Lina - Newlyn, Cornwall

    Pete, Julie and Clive - Devonshire Road party

    Julie, Clive and me - Devonshire Road party

     Mike and Tigger

    Tim, Jon and Mike - Devonshire Road party
  69. Me, Viv and Johan - Johan's 22nd birthday, Curves Nightclub, Park Street, 1977
  70. Dave and Tim - Devonshire Road

    Sarah - Durdham Downs, 1980
  71. Dave, me and Tim - Duff's' gaff
  72. Derm! - Atherston
  73. Rog and moi on The Vancy (Rog's narrowboat), Bath
  74. Lina, Marj, Ali and Bob - Aberdeen
  75. Lina and I - "Venividivici!". New Year's Eve Roman Party at Laurie's
  76. Kip, Nicky, Martyn, John, me, Lina and Anthea - Roman Party at Laurie's, including pirates!
  77. Julie, Nicky and Daniel

     Ian, Tim and me - Stourhead party

    Karen, Duffs, Tim, Marj and me - Alan Duffee's wedding, Southend
  78. Viv, Jack and me - Villa Borghese, Rome
  79. Rog - Kingswear, Devon
  80. Rog - Kingswear, Devon
  81. Barbara, Rog and Lina - Dartmouth
  82. Lina and Barbara - Kingswear overlooking Dartmouth
  83. "How many people can we fit into Duffs' loo?"
    Rog, Johan, Claudio, Dave, Mike, Tim,
    Sarah, Barbara (just) and Karen
  84. Pete at Jon's - Long Ashton
  85. Tim in his 'Thomas the Tank Engine' suit - Jon and Fiona's wedding, Guildford

    Barry, Mandi, Jon, Dave, Duffs
    Karen, Rog, Barbara, Robbie, Lina, Tim and Fiona - Cairns Road

    Tim, Karen, Barry and Fiona - Cairns Road

    Dave, Jon and Tim - Cairns Road

    Dangerous Arts Club

    Badge of Honour! - 1982

    Prank 1: Birth of Prince William, Avon Gorge, June 1982

    Front-page news - Charles defaced! June 1982

     Prank 2: King Kong - August 1982

    Kong climbing Brandon Tower!

    Kong at the top of Brandon Tower

    Front-page news again!

    BBC News - "Kong cut down!"

    Prank 3: 60th anniversary - Discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb, December 1982


    Ready for a night at the museum!

    Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

    Headline news!

    BBC News
  86. Viv, Chris and Kip - Chris' wedding, Le Château, Bristol
  87. Kip, Jack, Al and Lina - Chris' wedding
  88. Al, Viv, Ben, Andrew, Kip and Chris - Chris' wedding
  89. Kip and Lina - Chris' wedding
  90. Jack and Viv - he loves her really! Chris' wedding
  91. Tara - Chris' wedding
  92. Al, Lina, Jack, Tara and Viv - After Chris' wedding
  93. Lina, Bob and Marj - Cairns Road
  94. Lina, Bob and Marj - Cairns Road
  95. Richard ('Robbie') - Cairns Road
  96. Geoff, Lina and Waz - Cairns Road
  97. Rog and Barbara - Paris
  98. Lina and Barbara - Paris
  99. Rog, Tim and Dave - If the hat fits....
  100. Tim, me, Viv, Mike, Sarah and Pete - 'Horror Party' at Cynth's, Clifton
  101. Sarah, Lina and Viv - Cargèse, Corsica
  102. Sarah - Cargèse, Corsica
  103. Lina, me and Sarah - Cargèse, Corsica

     Shu - Clifton Studios, 1978

    Nadine and Shu, 1978
  104. John, Shu, Steph, Steve, Kath and me - BMB bash! 1986
  105. It's in there somewhere!
  106. Jim, me, Sarah, Dave and Jon - 'The Jolly Sailor', Saltford
  107. Kip and Martyn - Cairns Road

    Chris and Duffs - Cairns Road
  108. Lina - Sahara Desert
  109. Me - Sahara Desert

    Gweek, Cornwall
  110. Phil, Ali, Tim, Jon and Norm - Long Ashton
  111. Longwell Green

    Pip in April! - Marazion, Cornwall
  112. Me, Kath and Richard - BMB Bash

    Stan Arnold and Richard - BMB Bash

    Alan Backwell - BMB Bash

    Helena, Kath, Richard, Copywriter? me, Ivor, Clive  - BMB Bash

    Me and Shu - BMB Bash
  113. Me, Tim and Pete
  114. Me and Sarah
  115. Morning after my 23rd - Henleaze, 1977
    Jan, Johan, Chris, Tim, 'Little Steve', Jon and Barbara
    Jan, John, Viv, Lina, and Paul
  116. Viv, Jon, me and Paul - Invitation to my 23rd - Henleaze, 1977
  117. Viv, Derm, Lina and Duffs - 1983

    Paul and Christine - 1983

    Ali and Jon - 1983

    Ali and Jon - 1983
  118. Lina, Duffs and Rog
  119. Duffs

    Duffs and Annie
  120. Rog and Barbra
  121. Rog, Clifton Suspension Bridge - 1980
  122. Sarah's 21st - Clifton Rugby Club
  123. Sarah's 21st - Clifton Rugby Club
  124. Yet another Devonshire Road party!

    Pete, 'Long Jim' and Johan - Devonshire Road

    Shu, Viv and Sarah - Devonshire Road party

    Shu, Lina, Richard, Sarah, me, Ray, Angela and John - Devonshire Road party

    Johan and Sarah - Devonshire Road party

    Richard, Sarah, Ray and Lina - Devonshire Road party

    Stuff the Famous Party, Devonshire Road

    Lina - 'Wee-Willy Winkie'. Stuff the Famous Party, Devonshire Road

    Dave and Sarah - Stuff the Famous Party, Devonshire Road

    Johan and Sal - Stuff the Famous Party, Devonshire Road

    Richard and Vanessa (wearing falsies!) - Stuff the Famous Party, Devonshire Road
  125. Baron von Carter - Chocks away! - Stuff the Famous Party

    Left: Me, Charlie and Cynth. Right: Paul - Western Web Xmas Bash, 1976
  126. Tim, Lina and me - Alma Party

    Tim and Lina - Alma Party
  127. Tim, me, Pete and Ian - Devonshire Road party
  128.  Tommy and Tim - Devonshire Road

    All the boys! - Johan and Lyn's wedding reception - Ardagh Tennis Club
  129. Tim with comb-over!
  130. Sal and Johan - Devonshire Road Party
  131. Home from Dubai - Duffs gone native!
  132. Zishan and Ian - Cairns Road

    Lina, Johan and Zishan - Cairns Road

    Lina, Johan and Zishan - Cairns Road

    Johan - Cairns Road
  133. Me! Post-Stourhead party - Cairns Road

    The Flowerpot Men (in monochrome!) at Ed and Mary's

    Johan and Sarah
  134. The Flowerpot Men (in Colour) Me and Tim - Déjà Vu! - Stourhead party
  135. Lyn!

    Lina, Lyn and Marj

    Me and Lina - Monte-Carlo

    Pre-Stourhead Party - The Alma Vale Tavern garden
  136. Lina's 40th - Lina must have taken the pic! - Cairns Road
  137. Viv and Duffs - Cairns Road
  138. School Dinners - Dave and Sarah's wedding bash!
  139. Viv! - Sarah and Dave's School Dinner's

    Me - Sarah and Dave's School Dinner's

    Ed - Sarah and Dave's School Dinner's

    'Dids' - Sarah and Dave's School Dinner's

    Lina - Sarah and Dave's School Dinner's

    Sarah and Dave (bride and groom!) at their School Dinner's

    Jon -  Sarah and Dave's School Dinner's

    Tim, Dave and Brian - Sarah and Dave's School Dinner's
  140. Mike, Dave, me, Tim and Viv - 1983

    Johan and John - Lickham Bottom, Devon

    Dave - Lickham Bottom, Devon

    Tim - Lickham Bottom, Devon

    George and Bea - 1983
  141. Nick Downey's wedding - Weston-super-Mare
    Duffs, Vanessa, Nick, Johan, Charlie, Barbara, Jon and Günther(?)

     Jon receiving a good goosing from Johan!

      "Get off me car!"

    Vanessa and me (check-out the collar and flairs!)

    Barbara and Jon
  142. Derm and Duffs, 1983

    Duffs having a 'Radox' moment!

    Duffs, Jon, Tim, Viv and me - The Hooper's, Bleadon Hill, New Year's Eve

    Me, Tim and Ian - Mandi and Robin's wedding, Bristol Old Vic Theatre

    Viv, Jack and Lina - Norbert's Bar, Petrin Hill, Prague

    Jack, Viv and Lina - Krumlov Castle, Český Krumlov, Southern Bohemia

    Jack, me and Lina - Krumlov Castle, Český Krumlov, Southern Bohemia

    Lina - Pompeii

    Fusion Invitation (uncensored version!)  - Michelle, right and co-singer

    Clare - Astron

    Bristol & West's Christmas Party 2004
    Pics taken by Alex

    Darren and Kelly

    Kelly, James and Sophie

    Darren, Kelly, Rachel, me and Nat

    Darren, Sophie, Donna, Vicky, Kelly and Alex

    Josh and Kelly

    Kelly and Phil

    Newport Mob!

     Ben - Port-Eynon, Gower

    Gemma - Port-Eynon, Gower

     John, sketching - Port-Eynon, Gower

    Gemma and Ben - Newport

    Ben, Lina and Gemma - Port-Eynon, Gower

    Ben's Band - Newport

    Jan and John - Port-Eynon, Gower

    Gemma and Daff's Wedding
  143. Gaynor, Andy and me
  144. Three-Card Brag! - Jan, Liz and Joan
  145. Gaynor and Andy
  146. Gemma
  147. Best man and Daff - Groom

    Millenium Party at Tim and Karen's, Brislington, Bristol
  148. Viv, me, Tim and Rog
  149. Tara, Barbara and Jack
  150. Viv, me, Rog and Tim

    Tim, Rog and me

    Rog's 50th at Acraman's Road, Southville
  151. Barbara and Lina - Rog's 50th
  152. Barbara - Rog's 50th
  153. Rog, me Barbara and Lina - Rog's 50th

    My 50th at The Lansdowne, Clifton
  154. Bob, Jack, Marj, Lina, Fiona and Chris - My 50th

    Jack, Fiona and Sarah - My 50th
  155. Richard, me and Norm - My 50th
  156. Richard, Johan, Duffs (hidden), Pete, Dave, me and Tim - My 50th
  157. Me and Richard (Robbie) - My 50th
  158. Karen, Barbara, Lyn, Lina and Sarah - My 50th

    'Big Al's' 50th at the '2 F's' (now 4F's!)

  159. Laurie and 'Brian the Book'

  160. Nicky and Martyn ('Dougie')

  161. Stuart
  162. Holly and Charlie

  163. Sara

  164. 'Big Al' and Sara

  165. Guests

  166. Kevan and Claire

  167. Fiona, Wendy and Paul

  168. 'Irish Al' and Claire

  169. Martyn

  170. '2 F's' - Fiona and Frazer

  171. Al's mum, Val, Garry and Charlotte

  172. Katrina and Al

  173. Laurie, Sara and Al

  174. 'Brian the Boat'

  175. Brian and Fiona

  176. Viv and Brian

  177. Laurie, Sara, me, 'Big Al', 'Irish Al' and Frazer

  178. Me

  179. Roger Evans' Memorial - Weston
  180. Pics supplied by Johan

  181. Duffs and Johan - Shoot the tailor!

  182. Al, Duffs, Jon, Charlie (Roger) and Clive

  183. Gaye and Johan 

  184. My Sister, Brother-in-Law, Nieces and Nephews

  185. Nick, Phil and Mob!

  186. Phil (brother-in-law) and Christina - in his wildest dreams!

  187. Karl and Riley (great nephew!)

  188. Keita and Carrie

  189. Carrie and Seth (great nephew!)

  190. Cody and Carrie

  191. Rog's 60th at Acraman's Road, Southville
  192. Grey Party! - Rog, Barbara, Sarah, Lina and Dave - Rog's 60th

    Lina and Barbara - Rog's 60th

    Sarah - Rog's 60th

    Rog, Barbara and Lina - Rog's 60th

    Rog relaxing at his 60th!

    Barbara, Dave and me - Rog's 60th

    Dave, Rog and me - Rog's 60th

    Dave, Rog and me - Rog's 60th
  193. Marge and Lina in Scotland

    Will and Kate's Royal Wedding at Jon and Fiona's, 2011

    Beth and Duffs


    Roman Party and Tim and karen's

    Italy: Friends and family

    Palma and Raffaele

    Lina, me, Palma and Pietro - Cairns Road

    Palma and Antonella - Munich Beer Festival
    Pierina, Lina and Fabiola - Verona
  194. Mario - Desenzano del Garda

    Me, Lina and Palma, Cairns Road

    Mario, Palma and me, Cairns Road

    Italian friends - Bristol Zoo
  195. Zia Lina and Zio Goffredo - Cittanova, Reggio di Calabria

  196. Raffaele and Palma (Bride) - Gerace

  197. Piccoli Ospiti - Silvio, Carlo, Stephano, Chiara and Raffaele - Gerace

  198. Domenico, Lina, Raffaele and Alessandro - Gerace 

  199. Chiara, Federica and Carlo - Gerace

  200. Alberto (Groom) - Gerace

  201. Domenico, Silvio and  Zio Mike - Cittanova, Reggio di Calabria

  202. Pietro - Cittanova, Reggio di Calabria

  203. Cornelio, Laura, Alberto, Lina, Palma and Raffaele - Sant'Elia. Messina, Sicily

  204. Palma and Alberto - Bocca della Verita, Rome

  205. Palma, Lina, Alberto, Andrea and Manual, Tremosone, Lake Garda

  206. Andrea

  207. Manuel

  208. Silvio

  209. Chiara

  210. Carlo